Teen Patti – Bollywood Movie Review

Movie review: The movie has each of the ingredients correctly to find out appeal together with the masses. It has Amitabh Bachchan, Sir Ben Kingsley and R Madhavan. It can be quite a thriller which is in regards to a game which is really a favourite pastime of people especially during Diwali. It has stars like Ajay Devgan, Jackie Shroff and Shakti Kapoor, although their role might appear just as if they only walked across one frame, they’re there. So, might know about have is a real professor of Mathematics, Venkat Subramaniam (Amitabh Bachchan) who’s going to be often a genius. Unfortunately, all of the papers that he submits keeps getting rejected. However, this doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves teaching to make coming up with more brilliant papers. One such paper finds its application in real life in the form of an experiment along with students with an ambitious young professor Shantanu (R Madhavan). But, what began for experiment soon turns in a very game that can take every one of them deeper on this planet that’s filled with crime, sleaze and greed. And everyone should know how are you affected when greed takes precedence. Guns are drawn, quite literally. Instead of pens within their hands they start waving guns. Innocence is lost, love does not have any place and friendship no value. Greed becomes God! As the movie unfolds, we have a nagging sense that something is missing. First, the tale plot itself not really that there are anything wrong for making a show revolves around gambling. The problem is who’s keeps revolving on the same point. It doesnt progress. The only thing that changes may be the backdrop. From local gaming addas on the swanky gaming places towards the private gaming scenario. Second, because repetitiveness the movie looses speed and diluting the thriller. Third, the songs are certainly not worth any cash. What utilizes the movie would be the performance of Big B. As an eccentric-genius Mathematics professor who foretells Albert Einstein during his breaks from your equations, Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant. He has proved that he retains more movies in him. His conversation with Sir Ben Kingsley, a magician turned mathematician are riveting. In fact, it is primarily the that forms the backbone of Teen Patti. However, you would possibly wish that Sir Ben Kingsley would’ve played an increasingly active role. There you will see the Offical Trailer of Teen Patti There you can see the Offical Trailer of Teen Patti